In the spirit of Valentine’s Day let’s take a look at how each of the 9 Belbin Team Roles might go about asking someone out on a date...


"Get your coat, you've pulled!"


"You mentioned you like the seaside so I have planned a trip, everything is organised, even lunch, here’s the itinerary spreadsheet  – would you like to come?"


"I can see lots of traits in you that I like and I would like to take you out on a date – please could you organise dinner for us?"

Monitor Evaluator:

"I have considered all the available women and weighed up their pros and cons and I have come to the conclusion that you would be the most suitable person to take on a date."


"I was wondering if you might possibly like to go to the cinema, or maybe for a drink, or dinner, or we could go for a walk, or we could go to a museum, do you like museums? We can do whatever you like, if you’re not busy?"

Resource Investigator:

"I have a friend who knows a guy who can get us into the most amazing show in the West End, I am sure we’ll be able to meet the cast and even get on stage – fancy it?"

Completer Finisher:

"Would you like to go out for dinner? We can book the 6.30pm train, dinner reservation at 7.00 and drinks at 9.00? As long as you’re not late... (Note to self: don’t forget the chocolates, champagne and roses)"


"I’ve never met someone who is interested in the Dartford Warbler before, let’s go on a twitching trip and discuss it in more detail."


"Why not come round for some exotic curry (my own recipe) and a bottle of my home made wine?"


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