That ‘back to school’ feeling should be a good one, right?

You’re refreshed after a healthy dose of summer sun. You’re thinking red-brown autumn leaves, freshly-sharpened pencils and shiny new shoes.

You love your job and you can’t wait to get stuck in again.

Still not feeling it?

The fact is, only 13% of us are engaged at work.

That’s fewer than one in six of us looking forward to doing what we do each morning.

That number could be so much higher if we got to play to our strengths.

In our free time, we get to prioritise what we enjoy. We tend to choose activities that we’re good at – that boost our confidence, offer satisfaction and reinforce our sense of self.

So why can’t we apply the same principles at work?

Gallup’s 2016 study found that employees who have the opportunity to play to their strengths are six times more likely to be engaged at work. Employee strengths, say Gallup, are ‘employees’ – and the company’s – greatest opportunities for success’. In other words, promoting strengths-based working doesn’t just improve employee health and wellbeing, but employee turnover, the company’s bottom line, customer experience, brand perception… you name it.

How can you transform your ‘back to school’ mentality with Belbin?

1. You don’t enjoy the work.

You need to begin by finding out where your strengths lie. A Belbin Individual Report can help you do just that. It’s a great learning opportunity if you can ask others you work with to give their opinions too. You might be surprised by the results. If they see different strengths than you do, it could be a chance to try out different things. If you can identify disconnects between the kind of work – and working styles – you enjoy, and what’s currently on your desk, you might want to talk your findings through with your manager, so you can see if there’s room for manoeuvre. Alternatively, you might decide it’s time for a new role altogether.

2. You don’t get along with your manager.

You’re not alone, and it’s likely to have a huge impact on how you feel about work – Gallup found that employees’ perceptions of their primary manager influence about 70% of their engagement. Belbin Working Relationship Reports might hold the answer. Perhaps you’re a bubbly ideas person who feels that your cautious manager shuts down your ideas and curbs your enthusiasm. Maybe you’re a practical person who likes to be organized and efficient but your manager keeps throwing new ideas at you and is upset when you don’t drop everything for the latest fad. A Belbin report can help present these differences of behaviour in a simple, non-confrontational language, so you open up discussions and develop appropriate strategies to resolve them.

3. You’re a hard-working manager, but your team never seems to get anywhere. Everything is an uphill struggle.

If so, don’t keep pedalling away in the wrong gear. It’s time to ask yourself how well you really know your team players, and if you’re delegating by their strengths or just according to what’s on their job description. Is there a creative individual stuck doing routine work, who’s primed to leave for an organizational culture more open to ideas? Maybe your proof-reader hates jobs that require attention to detail and actually wants to be the one closing deals?A Belbin Team Report is a great resource to open up discussions about how people work best – individually and together – and to fit the team puzzle together for everyone’s benefit.

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