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The power of ‘thank you’

by The Belbin Team, 21 Sep 2023

Did you know that more than a quarter of us (29%) feel undervalued in our current role? It turns out that, in many cases, the simple act of a manager taking the opportunity to say ‘thank you’...

A Belbin Team Role Guide to Skydiving

by Tracy Eke | The Belbin Team, 31 Aug 2023

With a member of the Belbin team gearing up for their first charity skydive, it got us thinking about how different Team Roles might approach a skydive.


The Belbin Team Role Guide to Football Supporters

by The Belbin Team, 16 Aug 2023

It looks like it's coming home. Can you recognise yourself, your family and friends when they are watching the game?


Easter office opening hours

by The Belbin Team, 06 Apr 2023

Easter office opening hours


How do you eat yours?

by The Belbin Team, 29 Mar 2023

The first UK Bank Holidays of the year are on the horizon and with them, the overeating of chocolate. Here’s our take on how each Team Role might eat their Creme Egg.


Opposites Attract

by Victoria Brown | The Belbin Team, 02 Feb 2023

In the course of our research and consultancy programmes, we spend a lot of time analysing and advising on interpersonal chemistry at work.


A New Year’s Resolution for your team? How to work smarter as a team in 2023

by The Belbin Team, 03 Jan 2023

What do you and your team want to achieve this year? Are you working on an important new project? Do you need to communicate more effectively to stop things slipping through the cracks? Is the right…


A Belbin Team Role guide to Christmas card writing

by The Belbin Team | Victoria Brown, 14 Dec 2022

Christmas cards to your team. Are you stuck for what to write in your colleagues’ Christmas cards? Fear not. Check out our handy Belbin Team Role guide.


Christmas office opening hours

13 Dec 2022