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Case Study: Belbin and Novo Nordisk

Multinational pharmaceutical, Novo Nordisk, uses Belbin to connect their leadership program seamlessly to real team and business issues.

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Case Study: Using Belbin Team Roles in a GP Practice

A team of general practitioners used Belbin's strengths-based approach to understand themselves and each other, and to support succession planning.

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Case Study: Xerox and Belbin in a virtual, international project team

Xerox used Belbin to manage conflict, optimise communication and deliver a groundbreaking product in a virtual, international project team.

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Belbin and team coaching with team entrepreneurs at Bishop Grosseteste University

"There's nothing really new about Belbin – which I think is a good thing. Why? Because its endurance gives it credibility. It's got depth. And it’s also got great purpose.

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Case Study: Increasing behavioural diversity in an international NGO

A top international NGO used Belbin to enhance self-understanding and explore behavioural diversity in teams.

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Belbin and project teams

How do you break the ice quickly and establish rapport quickly? How do you create a collaborative, engaged atmosphere and work towards psychological safety while ensuring the work stays on schedule?

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