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Over the next few weeks there will be many blogs and articles looking at every element of the incredible Lionesses squad.

There will be comments and observations made about the teamwork, vision, growth mindset, attitude and leadership. I'm sure we will join in – there has been plenty of discussion already in the Belbin office.

But for now, something a little more light-hearted. Regardless of the result on Sunday, which type of football supporter are you?

Resource Investigator

The enthusiastic one, leading the singing/Mexican wave whilst handing out the beer (on special offer).


The caring one. Gets funny looks as they start to feel sorry for the losing team. (They have played really well, actually.)


The calm one remarking on the contributions of everyone, manager and coach included. After all, it’s a team game.

Completer Finisher

The anxious one. Just loves the VAR. And the accuracy of some of those free kicks… beautiful.


 The one shouting. Alternates between 'Come on, shoot!' and 'Come on, Ref!'.


The disciplined one. Has filled in the wall chart and is heard talking about their love of the set piece.


The one who wasn't aware the Lionesses were playing, and then makes plenty of useful(?) suggestions to improve the game. Wonders whether increasing the size of goal would make the whole game more exciting. (This is Meredith’s observation.)


The knowledgeable one. Hasn’t realised that no-one is listening to their ‘greatest goals scored in the second half of a semi-final by the eventual winners’ research.

Monitor Evaluator

The strategic one. 'Well, if they had chosen the previous formation and stuck to their guns about substitutions, they may have stood a chance.'

Do you recognise any Belbin behaviours in others on the pitch or sidelines? We would love to know!

Sending all our support and good wishes to the Lionesses – from our team to yours. 


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